Our services

Starting a business can be really challenging. Starting your own business is both a choice and an adventure, but it can be a nightmare if you don’t have the right advices and partners.
Using Link The World services will let you focus only on your business and opportunities.
This is an absolute advantage, because your company will be started with the help of experts !

Starting or growing your company with Link The World will let you ease your mind, due to our experience in business development that will let you think straightforward about your market opportunities, because we provide all the tools, advices and solutions to focus only on what matters: your success.

To turn your idea into a business, many steps has to be taken. And for each of these steps, Link The World services will give you an unprecedent advantage.

With our services, identify potential customers more easily, and on a greater scale. Talk to them and find out if your idea is meeting a real need, or if it needs improvement or change to ensure its success.

Test your product or service with real customers, make changes, and test it again. Link The World will help you elaborate your business plans and financial projections, by taking into considerations all variables that occurs in every step of a company growth, and legal impact on the company’s long run evolution. A simple example would be the impact of foreign legislation on VAT charge: if you sell goods to a French company that aims at selling them outside of France, the VAT applications rules are different because your client could use a VAT exemption following French Tax code Article 275-II.

Think about who you’re going to work with to develop and sell your idea. This task can be one of the most difficult for a business owner when you have no leverage nor a network of reliable partners. As your supplier is one of the most important partner you work with, Link The Word makes every move to ensure its liability, reactivity, but also the quality of the product, its packaging, shipping and pricing. We are experienced in working with suppliers from around the word, regardless if it’s an usual partner or a new promising one that we looked for together, always according to your will and needs.

Thanks to all the previous steps completed together, we are now able to give you the best advices regarding the incorporation of your company, and as we previously worked together on your company projects, partners and goal, Link The World can prepare everything so you can register and start your business in the right conditions :
– the company registration
– the VAT registration, if applicable and required
– the choice of the bank and the account opening
– The legal compliance prerequisites

Explore different sources of business finance, from bank loans to government-backed schemes. Our company management services is also able to help you setting up a fundraiser, get a bank loan at a lower rate thanks to our previously completed work. We can also prospect with you for investors in our network of clients and partners, or help finding a business Angel that will perceive the great opportunity of an investment in a start-up that has already all the tools for success and profitability thanks to Link The World’s infrastructures and experience.

Other benefits

Benefits of our network are not only economics : we can act as business introducer between companies that wants to earn a mutual benefit from a strong partnership. Read more !

Of course, our network is not exclusively constituted of client companies, but we also consider that external suppliers -as long as they provide quality product with a reasonable pricing, a reliable customer care and a global efficiency – can be part of our network. That’s all the power of our network : the strenght of our network and our leverage power will let you reduce your operating cost  from day one.

Reliable partners

We are used to work with companies that have demonstrated their ability to provide high-added value, effectiveness and reactivity to our customers.

Read more !
As a member of our network, you will benefit from this web of suppliers and partners, either to find partners or clients !

Our network

As we are organized around a network of companies, our bargaing power is much higher than one could get alone. As a matter of fact, you won’t be alone and we will take every steps to ensure that your business expenses, suppliers and administrative expenses are kept under control.Read more !

You can also benefit from opportunities as resources-sharing with other of our clients, thus reducing your operating cost and your administrative tasks, as they are shared with others. Like the expenses !

As company management is part of our Business Development unit, we advise our clients in their corporate choices,opportunities and results. This is complementary to the range of accounting services that we offer to our clients.

Accounting Services

Our services are dedicated to the entrepreneurs that want to focus on their commercial activities instead of the back office. For those who prefers prospecting new clients instead of bookkeeping.

Our services are for those who prefer developing their companies, and don’t want to spend hours for the accounting, VAT, customer care or the invoicing. You choose want you want to focus on, and we take care of the rest for you.


We can take care the bookkeeping of your growing company, manage your bank accounts and prepare the annual return. We will act according to the current legislation, keep every invoices and justificatory piece.

VAT Return

Your company is VAT registered ? You don’t want to make any mistakes when filing a VAT return or you are not sure when the VAT is applicable to your international customers ? We can take care of all the process, from the VAT registration to the quarterly filling. This can be a strong relief for entrepreneurs that prefer not taking any risk.