A strategic growth

Support for a strategic growth

As Link The World is experienced in Business Development, we have a wide range of services offered for entrepreneurs that wish to secure their company growth, regardless of their current situation. You can first check our incubator, or see some example of what we do best:

  • Business Plan redaction– We can help you  write your business plan, correct it and connect your company to our partners, investors and business angels if you want to raise funds for your company.
  • Assistance in structuring your business – We provide support to the choices that has to be made during structuration. Our experience in this field will guarantee that the growth will rely on the strongest structure for your business.
  • Legal assistance – among our network of partners, a law firm is dedicated to support entrepreneur and avoid any legal mistakes or wrongdoing when signing a contract or when you evolve in a complex and international environment.
  • Assistance in business development– Our team can advise you on the choices impacting your business, but can also manage a part of your business – for more informations, please check our company management service

Our solutions

Legal advisor

We can help you through the redaction of your company status. As the root of your company, it may impact your business for its whole lifespan – As a legaldocument, no mistake is permitted ! So our only advice is … Don’t go alone !

Partners today & tomorrow

We are a proud member of the IBAN (International Business Advisor Network) – we act accordingly to the principles of corporate social responsibility – CSR – and want to develop companies in compliance with sustainable development principles.

Moving to the UK

For entrepreneurs that ant to move to Ashford and benefit from Link The World services, we also offer assistance and support regarding all administrative constraint, as your national Insurance Number or the procedures to prepare your retirement.

Planning Assistance

At Link The World  we believe that our clients are our added value. As a customer-oriented services, we focus on the long-term success of our clients by offering proactive counselling. That’s why we will use every card to offer you support, assistance and advice regarding your company and its international development.

Extreme Transparency Policy

For every report, every market analysis done by Link The World, you will have access to every resources used, every detail of calculations, and of course the reasons between each advice ! Transparency is our motto !

Start with the right ressources

As a startup, our clients has to be careful with their resources as no error is permitted. That’s why we offer a range of secretary services, our network of suppliers, resources sharing within the companies in our incubator …. Everything so you don’t drift.