Accounting Services

As a Business Development company, Link The World is experienced in offering a wide-range of accounting-related services.

For example, we can take care of your VAT return, business plan writing support, management control, cost analysis and of course, all the book-keeping. But we also keep an eye wide-open on cost-accounting: Cost accounting involves the techniques for:

  1. Determining the costs of products, processes, projects, etc. in order to report the correct amounts on the financial statements.
  2. Assisting management in making decisions and in the planning and control of an organization.

For example, cost accounting is used to compute the unit cost of a manufacturer’s products in order to report the cost of inventory on its balance sheet and the cost of goods sold on its income statement.

This is achieved with techniques such as the allocation of manufacturing overhead costs and through the use of process costing, operations costing, and job-order costing systems.

Cost accounting assists management by providing analysis of cost behavior, cost-volume-profit relationships, operational and capital budgeting, standard costing, variance analyses for costs and revenues, transfer pricing, activity-based costing, and more. Cost accounting had its roots in manufacturing businesses, but today it extends to service businesses. This in turn may provide management with guidance in the pricing of these services. Using our accounting services is the guarantee that you will only focus on what matters: your success.

Range of Accounting services

HMRC Tax Agent Agreement
Ressources-pooling solutions
Banking solutions management
Cost accounting

Strategic & tactical planning

Our renowned coaching programs will allow you to:

  • Work fewer hours — and make more money
  • Attract and retain quality, key customers
  • Manage your time so you’ll get more done in less time
  • Hone sharp leadership skills to manage your team
  • Cut expenses without sacrificing quality
  • Automate your business, so you can leave for days, weeks, or even months at a time

Strategy development

  • Market awareness
  • Business opportunites & develoment
  • Cash-flow and debt management

Here are our 3-pillars strategy.

With those 3 elements in mind, each decision, each invoice, each opportunity will evolve in a certain environment. Our accounting services provides all the required resources to make a right decision at the right moment without the fear of uncertainty

Research beyond the business plan

Good strategy is the antidote to competition. Strategic thinking is the process of developing a strategy that defines your value proposition and your unique value chain. This process includes market and competitive research as well as an assessment of the company’s capabilities and the industry forces impacting it.